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Question: you and 2 or 3 friends are about to start...

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You and 2 or 3 friends are about to start a new business.

A friend of yours has advised you that to start with, you will need:

4 mid-priced portables and 4 mid priced PCs, with operating systems.

1 simple, entry level server (aim to spend 1500 – 2500 USD)

1 Colour laser printer

1 Colour inkjet printer

1 wireless 4 port router

1 5 port switch

Microsoft Server

Microsoft office professional (5 users)


1. Prepare a sheet showing the total cost of each of the items. You may use either euros or dollars. (Remember, you must ensure that your computers have Operating systems!)

2. Using Dell.com, (or any other computer leasing website) calculate whether it is cheaper to purchase outright or to lease the 3 laptops for 4 years, using the simple headline rate shown on the US website. What are the advantages/disadvantages of leasing v. buying?

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