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You are a critical listener. You want to choose a career in which your listening style will be an advantage. Which of the
following would be the best fit? (Multiple Choice)

  • social worker

  • elementary school principal

  • trial lawyer

  • network news anchor

Your friends consider you the best listener they know, and you are excellent at remembering people's names and what is
going on in their lives so you can ask about it. What kind of listener are you? (Multiple Choice)

  • analytical

  • critical

  • relational

  • task-oriented

You are hindered while trying to listen to a lecture by a series of interferences. First, a cell phone belonging to someone
sitting near you rings several times loudly, drowning out a few sentences of the speaker's words. Second, your cell phone
vibrates in your pocket, and you read and respond to a text message. Third, another text message arrives, it is upsetting,
and you begin to worry and think about what you just read. Which answer lists the barriers to effective listening that occur
in this scenario, in order of appearance? (Multiple Choice)

  • physiological noise, preoccupation, message overload

  • psychological noise, preoccupation, egocentrism

  • message overload, egocentrism, physiological noise

  • environmental noise, message overload, preoccupation

The departmental meeting agenda includes viewing a 15-minute video. Due to technical difficulties with the projector,
your manager shows the video on her laptop. From your seat at the far end of the room, it is difficult to both see and
hear the presentation. What impedes your ability to listen in this situation? (Multiple Choice)

  • environmental noise

  • physiological noise

  • preoccupation

  • psychological noise

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