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You are a Victorian Police officer who has been assigned to compile a brief of charges concerning 4 individuals : John, Paul, George and Ringo.


John and Paul were involved in a wild brawl with the Rolling Stones at the Abbey Road Hotel. George and Ringo, coincidentally, have also had an encounter with members of the Rolling Stones. 

The facts are as follows-




John assaulted Ronnie with a pool stick.  He was enraged that Ronnie had made a pass at Yoko.  He picked-up a pool stick walked over to Ronnie and said, “I’m going to hospitalise you”.  He then hit Ronnie several time with the stick.  Ronnie suffered broken ribs, concussion, several bruises, and required 15 stiches in his skull.  Ronnie spent overnight in hospital.


Paul sees what is happening with John and Ronnie.  Paul decides to scare Ronnie in order to help John, his co-writing friend.  Paul picks up a billiard ball and attempts to throw it 2 meters over Ronnie’s head.  Unfortunately, the ball hits Ronnie in the nose causing it to break.  Paul did not intend for the ball to hit Ronnie.


George suspects that Keith has been dating his daughter and disapproves.  Consequently, he wishes to interrogate Keith accordingly.  Unfortunately for George, Keith is ignoring George’s calls, emails and text messages.  George even tried to befriend Keith via Facebook – but Keith will not accept George’s friend request.  Angered, George waits for Keith to leave the ‘Whisky a Go Go’ one night after a gig.  George has his mates ‘Gilmour’ and ‘Waters’ come with him for added support.  They approach Keith from behind.  Keith does not know they are there, and before he knows it, George lifts Keith up and moves him 2 meters onto a park bench.  It took George no longer than 5 seconds to do this. 


Ringo suspects that his wife Barbara has been stealing money from him.  Ringo stores his excess cash in his bass drum and has noticed that this stack has been dissipating recently.  Barbara is the only person who knows where Ringo stores his excess cash.  Further, Barbra has been buying additional items and acting quite suspicious of late.  Ringo comes home and finds Barbara in his music room near his drum kit.  Ringo confronts Barbra about his suspicions, but Barbra gets angry and says that she does not want to hear it.  She then attempts to leave the room.  Ringo closes the door and locks it.  He tells Barbara she cannot leave until she confesses accordingly.  It is later discovered that Barbra was in fact stealing from Ringo. 


With reference to both statute and case law, compile a brief of charges that John, Paul, George and Ringo are likely to be charged with.

Confine your answers to those charges as outlined/discussed in ‘Module 2’ -Assault, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping 

-if u need two credits to use to answer this ques I don't mind -  plz provide case law and statue 


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