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Question: you are a witch in need of a magic potion...

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Homework 5 Due: March 30 Problem 1 (I know, super corny) You are a witch in need of a magic potion. Youve got three flasks, containing the ingredients listed below. Youd like to mix these together in your cauldron, heat the cauldron over a fire to evaporate off excess water, and make 100 gof liquid potion containing 27 wt% toe of frog, 22 wt% eye of newt, and 11 wt wool of bat. Flask A (wt%) Flask B(wt%) Flask C (wt%) Toe of Frog 10 50 Eye of Newt 30 Wool of Bat 10 40 40 Water 50 70 a0 How many grams from each flask should you add to your cauldron? How many grams of water should you evaporate off? b) The rate of water evaporation from the cauldron decreases with time, as the potion becomes thicker. If the evaporation rate in grams per minute is evaporation 3 30-2t where tis in minutes, how long will it take to evaporate off the right amount of water?

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