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You are an assistant to a senator who chairs an ad hoc committee on reforming taxes on telecommunication services. Based on your research, AT&T has spent over $15 million on related paperwork and compliance costs. Moreover, depending on the locale, telecom taxes can amount to as much as 25 percent of a consumer’s phone bill. These high tax rates on telecom services have become quite controversial, due to the fact that the deregulation of the telecom industry has led to a highly competitive market. Your best estimates
indicate that, based on current tax rates, the monthly market demand for telecommunication services is given by Qd = 300 - 4P and the market supply (including taxes) is Qs = 3P +190 (both in millions), where P is the monthly price of telecommunication services. The senator is considering tax reform that would dramatically cut tax rates, leading to a supply function under the new tax policy of

Qs = 4P +120. How much money per unit would a typical consumer save each month as a result of the proposed legislation?

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