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You are an Enrolled nurse working in primary health care. A new referral to your clinic, Mr McFarlane, has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Character Briefs:

Mr George McFarlane. Male, aged 53 years.

  • Occupation – Long haul truck driver
  • Overweight - 135kg
  • Hypertension
  • Smoker
  • Diet preferences are Australian. Often has a poor diet when on the road for work including ‘fatty food from truck stops’
  • Has osteoarthritis in (L) knee
  Outline the information you will need to provide to Mr McFarlane and his wife regarding the ongoing management of his diabetes.


 Include in your answer:


a.       What specialist services and support organisations are available

b.       What information you would provide to Mr McFarlane and his wife relating to his condition, risk factors, medications and self-management to avoid potential complications

c.       Education on lifestyle changes that may need to occur to ensure Mr McFarlane’s diabetes remains stable and decrease the chances of potential complications.

d.       Education on the assessment and monitoring Mr McFarlane will need to continue to ensure stabilisation of his diabetes

e.       What Mr McFarlane and/ or his wife should do if they suspect there is a complication associated with his diabetes.

(word limit 500 words)



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