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Question: you are an enrolled nurse working in primary health care...

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You are an Enrolled nurse working in primary health care. A new referral to your clinic, Mr McFarlane, has recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

Character Briefs:

Mr George McFarlane. Male, aged 53 years.

  • Occupation – Long haul truck driver
  • Overweight - 135kg
  • Hypertension
  • Smoker
  • Diet preferences are Australian. Often has a poor diet when on the road for work including ‘fatty food from truck stops’
  • Has osteoarthritis in (L) knee
  Mr McFarlane is complaining of feeling dizzy, nauseated and has a headache. On assessing Mr McFarlane, you note that he is pale and clammy and is tachycardic.  You check Mr McFarlane’s blood glucose level (BGL) and note that it is 3.4 mmol/L. Mrs McFarlane states that Mr McFarlane has not eaten since breakfast due to the appointment time at the clinic. Lunch has been delayed due to today’s appointment. 

Outline your actions to this situation

Include in your answer:

          a .       Your immediate response to ensure the safety of your client

          b.       Who you would notify of the situation and what information you would handover (consider using ISBAR in your response) 

       c.       How you would evaluate if the care provided was effective

         d.       What information you would provide to Mr and Mrs McFarlane about the situation and how this could be prevented in the future .

                (word limit 500 words)



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