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You are asked to propose a concept design and analyse a simple supersonic wind tunnel using your knowledge in compressible flows. The design is based on a simple open loop wind tunnel using atmospheric air at the inlet/intake. You should specify your chosen air conditions at the inlet/intake to the tunnel (air pressure, temperature, velocity etc…) and other appropriate data. In the test section of the tunnel, the air flow should be supersonic (you should chose a single value of Mach number in the range 1.2 to 3). The length of the test section is 1m. To simplify the analysis, you can assume the air flow to be isentropic. The tasks of the assignment involve the followings:

(1) Brief literature research on open loop wind tunnels

(2) Justify and select the components/parts of your proposed wind tunnel

(3) Specify and justify the selected dimensions of components/parts

(4) Calculate and justify the test section cross-sectional area

(5) Calculate/analyse the pressure and temperature at several locations of the wind tunnel

(6) Specify/justify the mass flow rate of air

(7) Provide a simple sketch of the wind tunnel with its components

(8) Overall discussion and analysis of your design

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