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You are caring for K.W a 25-year-old female who is being discharged from the hospital after 3 days for control of her glucose levels. This morning fasting blood sugar was 145 mg/ dL and HbA1C 8.8%. The provider prescribed lispro 4 times daily, NPH daily, and glargine insulin 30 units at bedtime. 1. What are the differences between lispro insulin, NPH insulin, and glargine insulin? Why would they be prescribed together? 2. What are the peak times and duration for lispro and glargine insulins? Why is it important to know when insulin peaks? 3. W states she knows people who take regular insulin before they eat. What is the difference between regular insulins and the insulins that K.W is prescribed? 4. Describe the assessment and nursing interventions that are appropriate for this patient. Include rationale for each. 5. What should be included in teaching for this patient? Include the storage of insulin. 6. What is the guideline related to mixing of insulin? What types of insulin can be mixed together? What types cannot be mixed together?

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