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Question: you are the ceo of broadway medical center mrs sarah...

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You are the CEO of Broadway Medical Center.  Mrs. Sarah Jones is admitted to your hospital preparing to give birth and in a great deal of pain. According to her medical records, her unborn child is suffering from a heart defect and must be operated on quickly to save the life of the child. The surgery that must be done is expensive and can only be performed by a pediatric cardiologist, fetal surgeon, and their medical teams. Mrs. Jones insurance will not pay for the care, and is currently in a legal battle over Mrs. Jones insurance status.  This surgery is extremely dangerous, risky, and will cost the hospital millions in the short term.  The fact is that there is only a 50% chance that the procedure will work.

Knowing all of this, how do you treat Mrs. Jones situation?

What are the legal and ethical issues?

How do you deal with the insurance company and reimbursement?

Can you put any pressure on the insurance company?

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