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Question: you are the iso for a medium size company that...

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You are the ISO for a medium size company that works in paper, but not any paper but the paper that US dollars are made on.

Write an incident flow chart for some catastrophes happening to your company. Include a flow chart based on the situation.

You make up the catastrophe, man-made or nature or freak accident.

Choose any one topic

Lilapter 2 Category of Threat Compromises to intellectual property Deviations in quality of service Attack Examples racy, copyright infringement problems Unauthorized access and/or data collection Fire, floods, earthquakes, lightning Accidents, employee mistakes Blackmail, information disclosure Destruction of systems or information Viruses, worms, macros, denial of service Equipment failure Bugs, code problems, unknown loopholes Antiquated or outdated technologies Internet service provider (ISP), power, or WAN service Espionage or trespass Forces of nature Human error or failure Information extortion Sabotage or vandalism Software attacks Technical hardware failures or errors Technical software failures or errors Technological obsolescence Theft legal confiscation of equipment or information

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