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Question: you are working as an intern at a new company...

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You are working as an intern at a new company. Your boss, Paul, was recently hired as a systems analyst and he needs to set up a structured walk-through/peer group review but isn’t quite clear on exactly what that involves. Since this is his first walk-through/peer group review, he wants to make a good impression. Paul has tasked you with finding the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the structured walk-through/peer group review?
    1. Why does it need to be done? Is it something that historically has been proven to be beneficial?
  2. How does the walk-through fit in with the SDLC?
    1. At what phase does this come into play?
    2. Does it impact whether or not they can move onto the next phase of the SDLC?
  3. Who will Paul need to have involved?
    1. What roles will each team member play?
    2. What activities will each member be responsible for?
  4. What deliverable(s) does the walk-through produce?
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