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Question: you dont have to do number 1...

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You don’t have to do number 1:)
A. ORTHOGRAPHIC SKETCHI This bracket can be depicted in three orthographic views as part of a working drawing from which it can be buidt. ING REQUIRED: Sketch three orthographic THREE-VIEW SKETCHING of the parts and label the views as shown in the example. Strive for proper line quality TOP VIEW B. TE SELECTION OF VIEWS The top, front, and side views las shown) are selected to represent the part with the fewest hidden FRONT VIEW R. SIDE V 2. Loook from front to right to see Right Side V Front View C. THE SKETCHING OF VIEWS The views are sketched and arranged with the top view over the front view and the right-side view to the right of the front view. Height, width, and depth dimensions are placed between the views o which they apply L 3. A rounded inside corner Is a FILLET outside TOP VIEVw ROUND- FRONT VIEW R SIDE VIEW
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