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You have been asked to join a project within the school that is focusing on the health of all students with a specific focus on children from the local Aboriginal Community.

a)   Outline the health concerns for the Aboriginal culture

b)   Consider a fun approach to promote awareness about general health or a specific area such as teeth cleaning for the Aboriginal children - this could be a game or art activity, stories, a cooking activity, an outdoor experience, or possibly a visitor to meet with the students.

c)    Describe how you will introduce this to the group. How will you organise and manage the group? What equipment will be required and where/when will this take place? How will you inform the families that the children will be participating in this experience and how you will provide the families with awareness through this project? Would you consider inviting the families and/or seeking their input into the project?

d)   Describe the benefits of working with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander co-workers or community members on this project.

e)   Consider what you have learned about the Aboriginal culture and how you will incorporate this knowledge into this project. 


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