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You have been assigned a problem gather data on. You gather data 1t to determine the source of the problem and then you gather some of the potential problems that are driving the issues. Develop a Pareto Chart and two fish bone diagrams to show to management to highlight the problem. You have received customer complaints on poor quality. Based on feedback you have gathered the following data regarding quality complaints. 1) Missing components 2) Broken welds 3) Parts dont fit together 4) Late receipt of product 5) Wrong item received 6) Premature failure 850 instances 438 instances 112 instances 50 instances 45 instances 134 instances Based on above data develop the Pareto chart Using a fish bone diagram for the two highest frequency problems-Remember a fish bon diagram doesnt give the solution but does list all of the potential causes for the effect you getting- Use the 4 main causes and list what you think can create the effects Effect Broken welds Effect- Missing Componenets Causes People Materials Procedures Equipment
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