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You have four guinea pigs for a genetic study. One male and one female are from a strain that is pure-breeding for short brown fur. A second male and female are from a strain that is pure-breeding for long white fur. You are asked to perform two different experiments to test the proposal that short fur is dominant to long fur and that brown is dominant to white. You may use any of the four original pure-breeding guinea pigs or any of their offspring in experimental matings. Design two different experiments (crossing different animals and using different combinations of phenotypes) to test the dominance relationships of alleles for fur length and color, and make predictions for each cross based on the proposed relationships. Anticipate that the litter size will be 12 for each mating and that female guinea pigs can produce three litters in their lifetime.Part B Second Experiment. Drag the terms on the left to the appropriate blanks on the right to complete the sentences. Terms can be used once, more than once, or not at all Reset Help short, white furred Cross the true-breeding short, brown-furred and long, white-furred guinea short brown-Aured pigs to create an F population. Cross the F1 with their pare parent long, white-furredto produce backcrossed guinea pigs. The expected fur length and color in long, brown-furredthese guinea pigs should be short, brown; short, white; long, brown; and long, white. To increase the numbers of backcrossed progeny, cross two of the F1 males with their mother (one at a time; the mothers have now mated the maximum of three times), thus producing Then cross the long, white-haired male guinea pig with all of the short, brown-haired female F1, which would produce 144 progeny (amount) progeny 24 28 112 Submit Request Answer

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