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Question: you have to grade the statements below...

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You have to grade the statements below.

As a graduate teaching assistant for your physiology class, you are required to provide an evaluation of the following examples of student work regarding receptors. No two answers can have the same grade assigned ane potential is the the result of a net flux of positive ions to the ECF D occurs due of the membrane to Kt to gradients generated by the Natk ATPase pumps and the relative and Nat The result of more leakage channels for K at rest results in greater flux of positive charge to the ECF and causing the membrane potential to be -70 mV ATPase pumps by moving 3 Nat to the ICF for every 2 K to the ECF. Build-up of positive charge along the intracelular side contributes to the large electrochemical gradient for Kt and its resting net influx leakage. Nat mainlains a low l gradient and high during this time Disproportionate net flux of positive charges toward the ECF creates membrane polarity known as resting membrane potential. This stems from diffusion of Nat and K+ down electrochemical gradients resulting from the action of NaK-ATPase pumps which concentrate Nat in the ECF K in the ICF and elevate the permeability of both at rest which facilitates bidirectional flux Grade Earned: Next >
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