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You have to solve the 7th question
Exercises p one of the two doors not selected by the contestant. In opening up a oor, a rule of the show is that Monty is prohibited from opening the door ith the good prize. After Monty opens a door, the contestant is then given he opportunity to continue with the door originally selected or switch to he other unopened door. After the contestants decision, the remaining two doors are opened. a. Write down an extensive form game of Lets Make a Deal up to (but not including) the stage at which the contestant decides whether to main- tain his original choice or switch to the other unopened door. Thus, you are to write down the extensive form for when (1) Monty Hall chooses the door behind which the good prize is placed; (2) the contestant chooses a door; and (3) Monty Hall chooses a door to open. You may exclude payoffs. b. For the stage at which the contestant decides whether or not to switch, write down the contestants collection of information sets. In doing so, denote a node by a triple, such as 3/2/1, which describes the sequence of play leading up to that node. 3/2/1 would mean that Monty Hall put the good prize behind door 3, the contestant initially selected door 2, and Monty Hall opened door 1. 7. For the Iraq War game in Figure 2.11, write down the strategy sets for the three players. 8. Derive the corresponding strategic form for the extensive form game in the figure below.
e.com/courses/1973583/files/folderProblem%20Sets?previewa 98350532 D Startup Hero :s aero our D 50+ C/C++ vada口CMPSC 101 Exam ※ Learn How to Trad k.pdf Page of 5 FİGURE 2.111 Iraq war and wMD. The Abbreviations W and NW Represent War and No War, Respectively The abbreviations W and NW represent War and No War, respectively. NO WMD Do not inspect Do not inspect inspect War No war War No war DenyAllo WarNo war War/No war raq 1 1 UN 10 11 US 14S 5 14 12 7 2 10 6 13 13 6 4 12 4 11 10 8 2 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9
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