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Question: you have use rstudio for this 43215321 introduction to...

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You have use R-studio for this.

4321/5321 - Introduction to Symbolic Computation

1 Assessments guide
1. Turn in homeworks for grading on or before the \ Due Date " on D2L.
2. Assignments Etiquette:
(a) Create a script file for every homework. Every homework should have the le
name starting with your last name, your 1st initial and then assignment number
i.e. HW#. For example:
(b) Every script file in the beginning should have the following:
# HW (The correct number)
# (Your name here)
(c) Make sure you have numbered the questions correctly using the # symbol.
(d) There should be some space between any two questions.
(e) Label/name your homework appropriately and give detailed headings,
comments descriptions etc to your solutions.

Math 4321/5321 - Introduction to Symbolic Computation
1. What is the command to check your current working directory?
2. Setup your working directory to a new 'Math4321HW' folder in your desktop and check
your current working directory.
3. Use the help feature to write 4-5 lines about Trigonometric functions. Hint: Use the
word Trig.
4. Simple Math Calculations. Find
(a) square root of 625
(b) pi
(c) Sine of pi divided by 6. Your answer should be 0.5
(d) cos(pi/2)
(e) cospi(1/2)
(f) What do you notice about the commands: cos(pi/2) and cospi(1/2).
(g) tangent of angle 90. Your answer should be NaN. As we know that Tangent of 90
are undened.
(h) log10(1000). Your answer should be 3.
5. Check if there is a package: devtools. If not, then install the package.
6. Write the command to Load the devtools package.

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