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Question: you love your job but find it difficult to communicate...

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You love your job but find it difficult to communicate with your boss because you are an analytical listener and he is a
task-oriented listener. You resolve to try harder to accommodate his listening style, and in so doing, you find you have
improved as a communicator. What change has occurred?

Multiple Choice

  • You are more detailed and thorough when you present your thoughts to him.

  • You get to the point more quickly, then provide details as needed, which has made you a more efficient speaker.

  • You are more careful to be consistent in what you say, and if you make a mistake, you take the time to
    correct yourself as soon as you notice it.

  • You try to show more emotion so he picks up on how you feel and can better relate and connect with you.

Harry is a relational listener and has had a great working relationship with Carla. Now Carla is on your team, but you are
a critical listener, and she is not responding well to your style. You try to cultivate some of Harry’s style when listening
to Carla by

Multiple Choice

  • paying close attention to inconsistencies when Carla is talking.

  • encouraging Carla to get right to the point.

  • noticing how Carla is feeling as you listen and being supportive when you respond.

  • taking the time to systemically examine the details Carla presents, then offer advice.

You have been told you have a habit of jumping to conclusions, so you are making an effort to patiently listen to all the
facts before forming a judgment or opinion. What listening style are you trying to cultivate?

Multiple Choice

  • analytical

  • critical

  • relational

  • task-oriented

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