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Question: you want to create a pie chart to show the...

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You want to create a pie chart to show the number of physicians in each of the following specialties in 2007.

Specialty Number of Physicians (1000s)
Family Practice 80
General Surgery 38
Internal Medicine 151
Obstetrics/Gynecology 42
Pediatrics 70
Psychiatry 40

Now, use your answer to the previous question to convert each frequency into a relative frequency - in other words, find the percent of physicians that specialize in pediatrics, and so on.

Important: Convert your answer to a percent and round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

Family Practice
General Surgery
Internal Medicine

To create the pie graph, you need to know how big to make each slice. Use your answers to the previous question to determine how large each segment of the pie needs to be.

Important: Round your answers to the nearest whole degree.

Family Practice Answer°
General Surgery Answer°
Internal Medicine Answer°
Obstetrics/Gynecology Answer°
Pediatrics Answer°
Psychiatry Answer°
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