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  3. your help is much appreciated please help this question asapabcdefghi...

Question: your help is much appreciated please help this question asapabcdefghi...

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Your help is much appreciated.

Please help this question ASAP(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i). This question has different parts as seen in the bracket.

PLEASE mark the graph or indicate how to mark the answer on the graph for part (a)

Parts b,c,d are shown as a picture.

So please answer ALL QUESTIONS otherwise it won't help. If you are NOT SURE that your answer is correct or not completed, PLEASE PLEASE do not post it.

The following binary phase diagram is the basis for steel and cast iron metallurgy. It
provides important information of different phases form during heating and cooling of steels
including during welding, although welding is a non-equilibrium process and therefore other
phases such as martensite or bainite may form. Therefore, it is important that students have
a detailed understanding of the Fe-Fe3C phase diagram.
To predict the formation of phases with different cooling rates, TTT and CCT diagrams are very
useful as discussed during lectures.

Ledeburite is a eutectic mixture of austenite and Cementite Temperature Temperature γ Austenite a - Ferrite 3000 Delta iron CM-Cementite 8+L 539 492 2720 2600 2552 CM begins to solidiffy γ +L Primary austenite begins to solidify 2400 Austenite in liquid 2200 L+ FesC 2066° F Austenite solid solution of carbon in gamma iron I 1130 800 Fe C Mognetic (1414 F) /point A2 Austentite ledeburite and cementite 670 600 CM 910 AusteniteCementite to pearliteledeburite i and 1333° F ; A12,3 723 200 Cementite, pearlite and transformed ledeburite 025 Pearlite Pearlite and Cementite and errite I a + Fe3C Magnetic change of FeC -ㅜ-2 2 -+0.008% 4.3-I 6,67 0.50 0,83% ,% 9% 4% 5% 6% 65% Hypo-eutectoid Hyper-eutectoid Steel Cast Iron

e) For a plain carbon steel with 0.45%C identify the phases which form when the steel is cooled from
molten state at 1550 oC to around 210oC. You need to identify the temperature (oC) at which
different phases form.

f) Do you call this steel as a hypo- or hyper-eutectoid steel?
g) Identify the phases that are present at 210 oC with their composition.

h) Calculate the quantity of each phase identified in (g).

i) Calculate the quantity of ferrite and pearlite for your steel (0.45%C) at 210 oC.

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