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Your manager requires that you, as cashier, immediately enter each sale. Recently, lunch hour traffic has increased and the assistant manager asks you to avoid delays by taking customers cash and making change without entering sales. The assistant manager says she will add up cash and enter sales after lunch. She says that, in this way, the register will always match the cash amount when the manager arrives at three oclock. The advantages to the process proposed by the assistant manager include improved customer service, fewer delays, and less work for you. However, you should have serious concerns about internal control and the potential for fraud. In particular, the assistant manager could steal cash and simply enter fewer sales to match the remaining cash. You should reject her suggestion without the managers approval. Moreover, you should have an ethical concern about the assistant managers suggestion to ignore store policy Question: Propose and evaluate two other courses of action you might consider, and explain why Required a. Submit a substantive posting of at least 250 words that answars iha aiasinns
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