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Question: your objective is to create a server that provides listing...

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Your objective is to create a server that provides listing data from a JSON file. To accomplish this, you will:

  • use the File System module to load listings.json into memory
  • create a request handler with the URL module to send the listing data on a GET request to localhost:8080/listings
  • use the HTTP module to create a server that makes use of this request handler

We have provided skeleton code that will help guide you in completing this assignment. There is also a file named server.tests.js containing unit tests to test your server once completed.

I have this so far, but it doesn't work:

var http = require("http");

var fs = require("fs");

var url = require("url");

var port = 8080;

/* Global variables */

var listingData;

var server;

var requestHandler = function (request, response) {

var parsedUrl = url.parse(request.url);

if (request.method === "GET" && parsedUrl.pathname === "/listings") {

response.statusCode = 200;


} else {

response.statusCode = 404;

response.write("BAD GATEWAY ERROR");




fs.readFile("listings.json", "utf8", function (err, data) {

listingData = data;



function startServer(){

server = http.createServer(requestHandler);

server.listen(port, function() {

console.log("Server listening on:" + port);



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