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Question: your progress has been stion 3 of 10 lyntorn runs...

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Your progress has been stion 3 of 10 Lyntorn runs a renta sho s bikes. He urrently charges $60 per bike rental, and he avera 25 rentals per day syaton has been experimenting with his rental price. and ne knows that for every 5 dollars he raises the rental pri e he loses 3 customers per day. Lynton wants to change his rental price in order to maximize his income. Lyntons profit can be estimated with the equation P(z) (60 + 5z) (25 -3z) Use the profit formula to answer Part A and PartB Part A: Which answer choice correctly evolsine approximately how much Lynton should charge per bike rental to maximize his profit? Part B. How much wif Ly ton earn per day if he maximizes his proftce Select one answer for Part A and one answer for Part a can use Pa) to ocate the r coorclinae of the metimum (max which is-163 Thisindicates that ivnton shouid de A ynton sthould charge aoproximerel, S51 per rentali to determine his synton s pricebyǐ 1.83 times 5 dollars, which nshou d/chalseabout $51 per rental to maximize
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