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zon 10 pts D Question 7 A driver steps on the brake, causing the car to slow down at a rate of 0.6 m/s2. The cars speed before applying the brakes was 8.0 m/s and atferwards was 4.5 m/s. How long (in seconds) did the driver apply the brakes? Use P youtub D Question 8 10 pts An elevator is moving down at 2.47 m/s when it undergoes a constant acceleration. After it has moved 8.3 meters downwards, its speed is now 3.24 m/s down. Taking ty to be up, what is the y- acceleration of the elevator in m/s2. Hint: pay attention to the sign of Ay. PYTHA /h Chapter 2 slideplaye D Question 9 10 pts AP Phyies Wednesday 13.0 Please read Section 2.2 A Little Calculus: Derivatives if you are unfamiliar with derivatives The x position as a function of time is given by xtt)--0.7 (m/st What is the x velocity in m/s at t -1.2?
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